A different world in the Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert in Chile is otherworldly. The rugged, dusty, red terrain is so unusual that it is often used as a substitute for Mars in Hollywood films. And the fact that it’s hot, dry and at high altitude means the desert has some of the clearest night skies on earth, and is supposedly the best place in the world for star gazing.

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Itinerary for hiking in Patagonia

“Don’t ask about the weather forecast, it’s Patagonia” is scrawled on a sign outside one of the campsites on the W-trek.

I first saw Patagonia on Pinterest. I can’t remember what I was searching for. But I remember the mountain. Ice capped, mythical, surrounded by water tinted a shade of blue all its own. 

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Wonderful wildlife in Puerto Madryn

I’m hopeful. As we set sail from Puerto Pirámides, our guide Sebastian confidently assures us that we have a ‘100% chance’ of seeing Southern Right Whales today. He’s not wrong. Almost as soon as we get out into the deeper water a mother and baby are spotted from the team’s lookout point.

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Five instagrammers who shoot for the stars

On my first trip outside of Europe I went to the Himalayas with a group of school friends. We set off from Ladakh in Northern India and hiked for two weeks in the complete wilderness, barely seeing a soul. Each evening, before going to sleep in my tent, I remember gazing up at the stars and trying to spot The Plough, the only constellation I could recognize (even now I’d struggle to name others!).

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10 documentaries to change how you see the world

What I love about documentaries is that they open a window onto new people, places and cultures. Film makers can take you to locations that it might otherwise be difficult, if not impossible, to access.

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Skiing in summer: Bariloche, Argentina

Being from England, I’m used to bad weather in the summer… but to be standing on top of a mountain in a snowstorm in mid-August is a surreal experience!

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How to successfully settle in a new city

“Let’s quit our jobs and set up a commune in South America!” exclaims one of my friends at a Sunday lunch in Bethnal Green in London.

Over roast beef and red wine, someone raised the idea of a whole group of us leaving our settled lives and jobs in London to live together in a paradise elsewhere.

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The Fight to End Violence Against Women in Argentina

“Ni una menos. Vivas nos queremos.” | “Not one less. We want us alive.”

With beating drums and flags flying high, this was the cry of the thousands of marchers I joined in the streets of Buenos Aires to protest violence against women in Argentina.Women, men, young and old all turned out for the third annual march of #NiUnaMenos, a movement dedicated to fighting gender inequality and the abuse and murder of women.

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Wilderness and culture: A day in Hay-on-Wye

On the border of England and Wales, Hay-on-Wye is world famous for its literary festival, which runs in May and June. But this sleepy, charming town deserves a visit at other times too.

What’s extraordinary about Hay-on-Wye is that you can spend hours out in the wilderness of the rugged Black Mountains, with only sheep and shaggy ponies for company. And then sample the delicious local food that’s coming out of the thriving culinary scene, before passing the evening discussing philosophical questions or listening to live music at one of the town’s regular events. It’s a truly unique place that has lured me back several times.

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Top tips to get the best out of the Iguazu Falls

Wow. That was my first impression of the Iguazu falls and I assume probably of everyone else who has ever visited them.

Even with all the facts and figures to hand (it’s four times as tall and twice as wide as Niagara Falls, with 553 cubic feet of water pouring down 275 separate cascades per second), it’s hard to convey the immensity and impact of this UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.

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Drawing on experience: inspiration for your travel journal

I always try and keep a travel journal when I go on a big trip or spend time in a new place. It can be joyous to go back and read what my 17-year-old self felt about being hit by a blanket of heat when arriving in Delhi. Or about how in my first week in Moscow I sat next to a Cossack on a Metro train who was wearing about 20 medals and smiling cheekily. Or about the delicious, but incredibly unhealthy sandwich (called a Sly) containing chips, egg and cheese that I tried in Alexandra township in Johannesburg.

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10 wonderful things to do in Buenos Aires

Colourful. Gritty. Impassioned. Glamorous. Relaxed.

For me, those five words sum up Buenos Aires. It’s impossible not to love this city and all of its contradictions. Every barrio (neighbourhood) of this sprawling and eclectic metropolis has its own character and list of “must-see” attractions. From hipster Palermo with its new designers, cafes and parks to luxurious Recoleta with its famous cemetery and the Museo de Bellas Artes. Then there’s raffish La Boca with its iconic football stadium La Bombonera, or the historic centre with Plaza de Mayo and the Casa Rosada.

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