1001 DAYS (in production)

It's during the first 1,001 days that the foundations of a baby's mind are being put in place. We are raising money for 1,001 Days, a feature documentary told through the eyes of a group of South African women who live in one of the poorest urban areas in South Africa, Alexandra, where two thirds of the women are abuse survivors. They are on a mission to change the fate of their neighbourhood, right from the beginning- at childbirth. Drawing on their own tough experiences of motherhood, these women go from home to home, supporting new mothers in their community through the first 1,001 days of their children's lives. Find out more about the film.

Director: Chloe White. Producer: Rose Palmer. Executive Producer: Katharine Round.


Three refugees describe their experiences of life in The Village, a safe haven in the picturesque town of Darmstadt, Germany. The Village houses the most traumatised refugees arriving in the country, and offers them mental health support to help them overcome their experiences and to take the first steps of their new lives in Germany.

Directed by Rose Palmer and Laura Balfour.

Official selection: Humans Fest Valencia, 2019.


A short film produced for Fusion Media. A stitch after time tells the story of 46-year-old ex-convict Claudio Castaño from Buenos Aires who spent more than 25 years in prison and then set up a sewing cooperative to turn his life around. 

Directed by Rose Palmer. Produced by Vanessa Camozzi.


A film for the guardian about videos of soothing sounds that generate a sensation known as ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). Fans enjoy the relaxing effects of these ‘head orgasms’. Here, the makers of ASMR YouTube channels including WhisperAudios, WhispersRed and ASMRAngel explain the appeal of sounds such as gum-chewing, hair-brushing and beard-rubbing.

Directed by Chloe White and Will Davies. Produced by Rose Palmer. Exec Produced by Charlie Phillips.

Official Selection: London Short Film Festival 2016
Official Selection: Docudays Festival 2016